'Text with image' custom button to open a callback popup using Callback Button app

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I have used the Callback Button app to add a call-back request(popup) on the product page of my store, which is working fine.

On the homepage of my store, under the section 'Image with Text', I have changed the button label to 'Book an appointment'. Now I want that when a visitor of the store clicks on 'Book an appointment', the same callback popup opens(as in products page). I have been given the following piece of code by support team of Callback Button but I do not know where to put it.

Waiting for a quick response!

Shop URL: brownfurnishings.com

The response from the support team of Callback Button;

"Please add the "cr_manual_button" css class to the "Book an appointment" button on your homepage, like this:
<a href="#" class="cr_manual_button">Book an appointment</a>
This should open the callback popup."
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