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Theme settings: video_url accept shopify cdn videos

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I am currently working on a theme where I would like to have the ability to add a video that I can set in the theme settings.

As of now I am using the following:


{% schema %}
  "blocks": [
          "type": "video_url",
          "accept": ["vimeo", "youtube"],
          "id": "video_url",
          "label": "Video URL",
          "default": ""
{% endschema %}



Unfortunately, this method only accept vimeo or youtube videos but I also would like to add videos from the shopify cdn.


Is there any way to enhance this to accept any video url ? My code is able to handle any video.


I couldn't find anything else than video_url and I would like to not use the simple "url" setting.

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had the same issue, but the simple "url" setting works totally fine for me.

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I am also interested in this.
Has anyone found any way to include other video sources ? 

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Shopify now added video picker in the settings.

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This literally saved my life, thank you