Themes > "Add theme" > "Connect from GitHub" doesn't work

Themes > "Add theme" > "Connect from GitHub" doesn't work

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I have been trying to connect a client store with GitHub but have been seeing the error below. I have tried to

- Use different accounts (staff member and store owner)

- Test it on a Shopify Plus store and Development store

- Use different browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome)

- Cleaned all website cache


All cases had the same result.


So, when I go to Themes, click "Add Theme", and then click "Connect from GitHub", I see the error message


There's a problem loading this page

There's a technical problem with Shopify that has prevented this page from loading. Try reloading this page or going to another page in Shopify. If that doesn't work, visit our  status page for updates and try again later.
The following API request returns the following JSON response
{"errors":[{"message":"Unexpected error, Unable to fetch GitHub accounts.","locations":[{"line":4,"column":7}],"path":["onlineStore","versionControlGithub","accounts"]}],"data":null,"extensions":{"cost":{"requestedQueryCost":3,"actualQueryCost":3,"throttleStatus":{"maximumAvailable":6000.0,"currentlyAvailable":5997,"restoreRate":300.0}}}}
What am I missing?
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Hello, we have the same problem



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Yup same here unfortunately