There is 1 store with stock close to your location - misleading and not edit-able?

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When a store has pickup options enabled, and a customer gets to checkout and chooses from shipping / Pickup, if the customer selects "Pickup" it shows this message underneath the pickup radio button:

"There is 1 store with stock close to your location"


It shows this message REGARDLESS of how far away you actually are, for example, I am in Colorado and it is showing that same message, even though the company warehouse is in Utah, 300+ miles away. Unless the customer is paying close attention, they could think that pickup is close to them and order for pickup.


It's annoying that this text is not available for editing from the theme language or any settings that I can find. Either the message should change if the customer is more than 40 miles away or the message should be editable by the store owner.



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I have same issue. Very annoying, that I can not remove this line from Checkout page

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I had this same issue and I was able to locate the place to change the text.


If you go to Settings > Checkout > Checkout language, you may then click the button labeled "Manage checkout language."


In the "Checkout & system" tab, you can find the section you are looking to edit (I had to keep scrolling the page down until all the fields would load).


This is the field you are looking to edit.


Hope this helps.

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That is true that now you can edit the text, but the logic for displaying it is still super flawed. It should not say that it is "close" to someone's address when their address is 300 miles away from the stock location. Shopify needs to make this logic more dynamic or enable us to HIDE it altogether.

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You can do it, but it's confusing. 

You must set as Fulfill Orders from This Location in Location and then in Shipping and Delivery set Allow Local Pick Up.

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I just removed this sentence completely from Settings-->Checkout-->Checkout Language-->Manage Checkout Language, so it is not confusing to customers.