Re: To add this collection to your online store's navigation, you need to update your menu - no help

To add this collection to your online store's navigation, you need to update your menu - no help

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To add this collection to your online store's navigation, you need to update your menu


When i follow the guides on shopify i get the same message, i've seen several where CS have taken over and helped from their backend. It seems to be a general problem with the free themes on Shopify - we use DAWN... We need help ASAP please. 
When i update navigation - it sends me back to this. 
When i do it over with products added manually - it sends me back to this. 

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The shopify menu is set up in Navigation, can you describe in more detail exactly what problems you are having? Maybe I can help you solve it quickly.

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The problem is that message. When we sat it up it worked perfectly fine with everything. Now we can see the collections logo plus and CTA's but we can't press them and get into "the collections". Within the navigation it set up such as "products -> all collections" 

I'm having support on it right now too. 

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Hello @the3amigos


To add a collection and link it to the navigation menu on Shopify, follow these steps:


Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard.

Go to Products > Collections > Create Collection

Enter a title for your collection and add a description if desired.

Configure the collection settings, including visibility, sorting, and availability.

Then Save. 


Now, let's proceed to link the collection to the navigation menu:


Go to Online Store > Navigation.

Look for navigation menus. 

Now click on the menu where you want to add the collection.

Click the "Add menu item" button within the selected menu.

In the "Name" field, enter the desired name for the menu item.


Now, go to the Link field, drop-down menu, and select Collection.

Another drop-down menu will appear. Choose the collection you created from the list.

Configure any additional settings for the menu item, such as the position within the menu.

Click on Add button to save the menu item.

You have successfully added the collection and linked it to the navigation menu. 


Customers can now access the collection by clicking on the corresponding menu item on your Shopify store.


Also, If you are not experienced with Shopify code or theme, we advise contacting a Shopify expert to help you fix this. 


Hope it helps. Let us know if you need any further help with this. 





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That's what we have been doing and how it worked until late last night (CEST). Now it doesn't work anymore - but technical support is helping and they can't figure out either as of yet.
We've created new collections and done the process all over again and it still doesn't work.

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Why is it not possible to choose thumb down?...cause this was not helpful.

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Hello! I got the same error today. And solved it myself: it was too heavy collection's image. I reduced the quality and all set!

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I don't know if this is still ongoing, but I am now having this problem too as of March 2024. I've never had a problem, and my shop has been up and running for nearly a year. 

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Hi, @falcieridesigns


In this case, kindly get in touch with our team through the Help Center. Ask the chat assistant to contact support and it'll guide you with your next steps on how to connect with a team member. From there, we can take a closer look.

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