Transferring a high traffic domain from a Shopify store to another Shopify store

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We are transferring a high-traffic domain from a Shopify store to another Shopify store with over 50k times; not sure if we are losing the google ranking by doing that. Please help us with your thoughts. 

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Not sure what you mean by "over 50k times."


SEO ranking is attached to a domain.  If you are moving that domain to another store, there are many SEO considerations.


Ideally every URL on the old domain would exact match the new domain with the same titles, meta descriptions, and content. If this is not the case, you will need to set up 301 redirects from old pages to new, and if your new pages are not optimized similarly or better than your old pages, you will likely see a drop in traffic.

The new domain should be SEO optimized with the same technical structure including robots.txt, xml sitemap, headings, interlinking etc. - essentially the more similar the better unless you're confident the new site is an SEO improvement.

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