Transferring Product Templates to a new theme

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I run a store that has carries a wide variety of products as well as brands. These include apparel, apothecary, home goods, and office.


Due to the nature of our assortment we spend a lot of time creating templates for our products. Product details vary quite a bit between categories and brands and accordingly we nest some of the information in accordions on the product pages. That way, descriptions don't run forever down the page and info that won't be relevant to every user doesn't dilute the info that specific user does need. I.e., for candles have an accordion called "care" and for apparel we have an accordion called "material." These accordions vary depending upon the brand and product. 


We're looking to move from the theme Lorenza by Fluorescent to a theme called Stiletto. In Stiletto the sections where additional product info is housed is called accordions and in Stiletto they're called collapsible rows. 


Is there any way to transfer the info currently in the accordions, maybe by CSV, into the collapsible rows without having to individually add each collapsible row from the Shopify admin?

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Absolutely, transferring detailed product information like accordions between different themes in Shopify can be a meticulous task, especially for a diverse store like yours. While Shopify doesn't natively support a direct transfer of this specific type of content via CSV or similar methods, there are ways to make this process more efficient.


One approach is to use a Shopify app designed for theme management, like Theme Weaver. This app specializes in moving templates and content sections between themes. It could be a real game-changer for transferring your detailed product information from the "accordions" in Lorenza to the "collapsible rows" in Stiletto.

Using Theme Weaver, you can potentially streamline the migration of your product details, saving you the time and effort of manually recreating each element in the Shopify admin. This can ensure a smoother transition to your new theme with all the necessary product details intact.

Here is a link to the app:

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