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Hi there


I am receiving two error messages in the cart section; translation missing: en.cart.general.subtotal and translation missing: en.cart.general.taxes_and_shipping_policy_at_checkout_html

I have read a few articles and discussion boards and tried to fix it but I am not having any luck. The current en.json code is below

"general": {
"404": {
"title": "404 Page Not Found",
"subtext_html": "The page you requested does not exist. Click <a href=\"\/collections\/all\">here<\/a> to continue shopping."
"meta": {
"tags": "Tagged \"{{ tags }}\"",
"page": "Page {{ page }}"
"breadcrumbs": {
"home": "Home",
"back_home": "Back to the frontpage"
"forms": {
"post_error": "Sorry, looks like something went wrong. Please correct the following and submit again:"
"homepage": {
"featured_products": "Featured Products",
"no_products_html": "You have no products in your Frontpage collection. This placeholder will appear until you <a href=\"\/admin\/collections?tutorial=Frontpage\">add a product to this collection<\/a>.",
"no_collections_html": "You don't have any collections to show here. <a href=\"\/admin\/custom_collections\">Add some collections<\/a> to go along with the default Frontpage.",
"instagram_follow_us": "Follow Us"
"pagination": {
"next": "Next",
"previous": "Previous",
"current_page": "Page {{ current }} of {{ total }}"
"newsletter_form": {
"header": "Join our Mailing List",
"header_text": "Email address:",
"newsletter_text": "Enter email",
"submit": "Join",
"thanks": "Thanks for Joining!"
"search": {
"no_results_html": "Your search for \"{{ terms }}\" did not yield any results.",
"first_search": "Please search using the search bar at the top of the page",
"search_results": "Search Results",
"search_box_text": "Search",
"title": "Search our site"
"social": {
"share_on_facebook": "Share",
"share_on_twitter": "Tweet"
"onboarding": {
"modal_title": "Almost there...",
"no_products_html": "You have no products in your home page collection. This placeholder will appear until you <a href=\"\/admin\/collections?tutorial=Frontpage\">add a product to this collection<\/a>.",
"add_product": "Add a Product",
"product_title": "Example Product Title",
"product_description": "This area is used to describe your product’s details. Tell customers about the look, feel, and style of your product. Add details on color, materials used, sizing, and where it was made.",
"no_collections_html": "You don't have any collections to show here. <a href=\"\/admin\/custom_collections\">Add some collections<\/a> to go along with the default home page.",
"add_collection": "Add a Collection",
"collection_title": "Example Collection Title",
"blog_title": "Your post's title",
"blog_excerpt": "Your store hasn’t published any blog posts yet. A blog can be used to talk about new product launches, tips, or other news you want to share with your customers. You can check out Shopify’s ecommerce blog for inspiration and advice for your own store and blog.",
"no_content": "This section doesn’t currently include any content. Add content to this section using the sidebar."
"blogs": {
"article": {
"previous_post": "Previous Post",
"next_post": "Next Post",
"tags": "Tags",
"comment_meta_html": "Posted by {{ author }} on {{ date }}",
"view_post": "View Post",
"comments_title": "Comments",
"author_title": "Author"
"comments": {
"title": "Leave a comment",
"name": "Name",
"email": "Email",
"comment": "Comment",
"post": "Post comment",
"moderated": "Please note, comments must be approved before they are published",
"success": "Your comment was posted successfully! Thank you!",
"field_error": "Not all the fields have been filled out correctly!"
"sidebar": {
"categories": "Categories",
"all_categories": "All Categories",
"latest_articles": "Latest Articles",
"subscribe": "Subscribe"
"cart": {
"general": {
"title": "Your Cart",
"remove": "Remove",
"note": "Add a note for the seller",
"total": "Total",
"price": "Price",
"quantity": "Quantity",
"update": "Update Cart",
"checkout": "Place your order",
"checkout_mobile": "Checkout",
"empty": "Your basket is empty",
"alt_checkout": "Or checkout out using",
"continue_browsing_html": "Continue Shopping!",
"terms_text": "Please check this box to agree to our terms and conditions",
"terms_text_html": "Please check this box to agree to our <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"#\">terms and conditions<\/a>",
"terms_agree": "You must agree with the terms and conditions of sales to check out."
"collections": {
"general": {
"view_all": "View all",
"no_matches": "Sorry, there are no products matching your search",
"link_title": "Browse our {{ title }} collection",
"product_collections": "Product Collections",
"items_with_count": {
"one": "{{ count }} item",
"other": "{{ count }} items"
"sorting": {
"title": "Sort",
"featured": "Featured",
"best_selling": "Best Selling",
"az": "Alphabetically, A-Z",
"za": "Alphabetically, Z-A",
"price_ascending": "Price, low to high",
"price_descending": "Price, high to low",
"date_descending": "Date, new to old",
"date_ascending": "Date, old to new"
"filters": {
"title_tags": "Filter",
"all_tags": "All products"
"tags": {
"tags_all": "All"
"contact": {
"form": {
"name": "Name",
"email": "Email",
"phone": "Phone Number",
"message": "Message",
"send": "Send",
"post_success": "Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible."
"customer": {
"account": {
"title": "My Account",
"details": "Account Details",
"view_addresses": "View Addresses",
"return": "Return to Account Details"
"activate_account": {
"title": "Activate Account",
"subtext": "Create your password to activate your account",
"password": "Password",
"password_confirm": "Confirm Password",
"submit": "Activate Account",
"cancel": "Decline Invitation"
"addresses": {
"title": "Your Addresses",
"default": "Default Address",
"add_new": "Add a New Address",
"edit_address": "Edit address",
"first_name": "First Name",
"last_name": "Last Name",
"company": "Company",
"address1": "Address 1",
"address2": "Address 2",
"city": "City",
"country": "Country",
"province": "Province",
"zip": "Postal\/Zip Code",
"phone": "Phone",
"set_default": "Set as default address",
"add": "Add Address",
"update": "Update Address",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"edit": "Edit",
"delete": "Delete"
"login": {
"title": "Customer Login",
"email": "Email",
"password": "Password",
"forgot_password": "Forgot your password?",
"sign_in": "Sign In",
"cancel": "Return to Store",
"guest_title": "Continue as a guest",
"guest_continue": "Continue"
"orders": {
"title": "Order History",
"order_number": "Order",
"date": "Date",
"payment_status": "Payment Status",
"fulfillment_status": "Fulfillment Status",
"total": "Total",
"none": "You haven't placed any orders yet."
"order": {
"title": "Order {{ name }}",
"cancelled": "Order Cancelled on {{ date }}",
"cancelled_reason": "Reason: {{ reason }}",
"billing_address": "Billing Address",
"payment_status": "Payment Status",
"shipping_address": "Shipping Address",
"fulfillment_status": "Fulfillment Status",
"discount": "Discount",
"shipping": "Shipping",
"tax": "Tax",
"details": {
"product": "Product",
"sku": "SKU",
"price": "Price",
"quantity": "Quantity",
"total": "Total",
"fulfilled_at": "Fulfilled {{ date }}",
"subtotal": "Subtotal"
"recover_password": {
"title": "Reset your password",
"email": "Email",
"submit": "Submit",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"subtext": "We will send you an email to reset your password.",
"success": "We've sent you an email with a link to update your password."
"reset_password": {
"title": "Reset account password",
"subtext": "Enter a new password for {{ email }}",
"password": "Password",
"password_confirm": "Confirm Password",
"submit": "Reset Password"
"register": {
"title": "Create Account",
"first_name": "First Name",
"last_name": "Last Name",
"email": "Email",
"password": "Password",
"submit": "Create",
"cancel": "Return to Store"
"layout": {
"cart": {
"continue_shopping": "Continue Shopping",
"item_count": {
"one": "item in your cart",
"other": "items in your cart"
"total_cart_value": "total cart value",
"currency": "Currency"
"customer": {
"log_out": "Log out",
"log_in": "Log in",
"create_account": "Create an account",
"welcome": "Welcome {{name}}"
"header": {
"search": "Search",
"account": "Account",
"your_cart": "Cart"
"menu": {
"set_linklist": "You'll need to select a linklist you want to show here, Theme Settings > Site Options"
"footer": {
"linklist_title": "Links",
"accepted_payments": "Payment Methods",
"social_title": "Social Networks",
"designed_by": "Tbilisi Interiors."
"products": {
"general": {
"products_title": "Products",
"from": "from",
"sale": "Sale"
"product": {
"sold_out": "Sold Out",
"unavailable": "Unavailable",
"make_a_selection": "Make a Selection",
"add_to_cart": "Add to Cart",
"added": "Added",
"sorry_stock": "Sorry, currently out of stock",
"quantity": "Quantity",
"thanks": "Thanks! We will notify you when this product becomes available!",
"out-stock_html": "Click <a href=\"#\"><strong>here<\/strong><\/a> to be notified by email when {{ product }} becomes available.",
"wrong-email": "Please provide a valid email address."
"gift_cards": {
"issued": {
"title": "Here's your {{ value }} gift card for {{ shop }}!",
"subtext": "Here's your gift card!",
"disabled": "Disabled",
"expired": "Expired on {{ expiry }}",
"active": "Expires on {{ expiry }}",
"redeem": "Use this code at checkout to redeem your gift card",
"shop_link": "Start shopping",
"print": "Print"
"coming_soon": {
"general": {
"title": "Please Log In",
"opening_soon": "Will be opening soon...",
"thanks_mailing": "Thanks for signing up!",
"find_out": "Find out when we open",
"password": "",
"store_owner": "",
"store_owner_html": "",
"continue": "Continue",
"powered_by_html": ""
"date_formats": {
"month_day_year": "%B %d, %Y"
"shopify": {
"links": {
"powered_by_shopify": "All Rights Reserved "
"checkout": {
"order_summary": {
"tip_label": "Donate",
"subtotal_label": "Subtotal",
"shipping_policy_link": "Shipping Policy"
"tips": {
"title": "Donate to a cause",
"description": "A portion of all profits get donated to a cause, but every bit helps make a difference. Show your support for one of the chosen {{shop_name}} animal shelters",
"presets_description": "Select the donation percentage",
"custom_label": "Custom Donation",
"add_tip": "Add Donation",
"update_tip": "Update Donation",
"message": "Thank you so much. Your donation will be helping shelters and organisations in need. For more info check out our Impact page."

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Not sure if you someone was able to help you or not, but I finally got to the bottom of this. 

First, check out the screenshot/doc I uploaded. Then:

  1. You'll notice near the top there's "cart" : { ... that refers to the .cart part your error: translation missing: en.cart.general.subtotal
  2. Below that is "general" : { that's the .general part. 
  3. Indented underneath that, you'll notice the "subtotal" : "Subtotal", – that line isn't in the JSON you shared. You can either add it where it's at in my code (above "update"), or add it to the end. NOTE: If you add it to the end, make sure to add a comma to the line item above it outside of the quotes.
  4. Repeat this process for en.cart.general.taxes_and_shipping_policy_at_checkout_html by adding "taxes_and_shipping_policy_at_checkout_html" : "" to the end. 
    NOTE: Make sure to end the line item above it with a comma outside of the quotes. For this last item, you don't need a comma because it's the last one. 

My one word of caution is to just make sure you know what you're doing here. You can really mess up a site if you don't.

You can also use this guide, although it's a bit outdated, as the interface has changed quite a bit since it was shared. 

Hope this helps! 

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I forgot to mention that I didn't put anything in between the red quotation marks for taxes and shipping policy, because it wasn't linking to a policy (and that's beyond my knowledge). So I left the space between the quotes blank so that Shopify wouldn't pull that text and place it above the checkout button.