Trying to create a metafield definition after a metafield has been created, most options greyed out!

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I created a lot of product metafields recently using GraphQL.

Unfortunately I did not define them before creating each product metafield, so they are not easily accessible in the admin interface.

So I'd like to define them so they show up when I click on a product to edit it.


If I go to the 'Custom Data' tab in the admin settings, and click 'Product metafield definitions', then click the 'Metafields without a definition' tab, I can see all of these metafields without definitions and the number of references.

If I click 'Add Definition' next to one of these properties, it appears I can define them, but when I try to 'Select type', all of the types I need are greyed out.

It won't let me pick 'File', despite the fact that every metafield with the same key is a file reference.


Is there any way around this?

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You can watch this video to understand how these metafield works and how to create them with definition and without definition: Shopify App Metafields 

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Hi, @twilson90


Are you trying this on desktop or mobile? Some metafield settings can be greyed out on mobile, so if you are using a mobile device I'd recommend trying this on desktop to see if you can select the option you'd like. If it's still not working for you, please contact our support team through the Help Center here so we can look into this with you in more detail. If you are a Shopify Partner you can also contact us through the "Support" tab in your Partner dashboard.

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