Trying to crop a user added image whilst respecting the focal point

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Am I being daft, or is there no way to crop around my focal point? I've read a lot of articles and I can't see how to do this.


Quick summary of my situation. I'm using an image added by my client when customising a page as a header background. I take the input and use inline CSS and the img_url filter to add it as a background.


If the image is a big square, for example, and I need a letterbox I can set img_url: '750x300' to save downloading more of the image than I need. However if I set no crop value it is actually giving me an image sized at 417x300 (which is then grainy above 417px screenwidth) or, I set a crop, but only have access to the left, right, top, bottom, center keywords. It feels like there should be a way to crop to the set size around the focal point.


Would really appreciate anyone's help. Thank you.



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Also looking for this, since for our CMS editors, they perceive changing the "focal" point as the "center".

It'd be awesome to have "focal" as a separate crop option