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Hi Everyone,
I'm using the Turbo theme, and I've got a quick question about "image with text overlay" section - as used in this page here:
I want the "Book Your Party" button (highlighted orange) to open its link in a new tab, but I can't see an option for this when adding the link.
I only want this particular button to open in a new tab, so I'm wondering if this is something I can do in the Custom CSS for this specific section?  Any help would be much appreciated.
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adding the target=”_blank” attribute at html link will help you


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Hi, Yes, I know how to add that attribute to a normal link in HTML - but in the theme settings there is no place to add this.  You can only add the direct link (see image).


There is an option to customise the CSS for this section, but that's what I'm unsure of?


Thanks,Screen Shot 2023-11-01 at 12.40.44.png