Turned off captcha in preferences but issue persists

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I'm using refresh theme. I can't seem to turn off the Captcha Form. I already went to preferences and turned off spam protection but the issue persists. Our website is lunamescent.com and the form can be found here https://www.lunamescent.com/pages/contact-us .

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Hi @lunadevelopment
I just tried to submit the contact form by filling the details and it worked for me with no captcha code being asked. 
But in case you keep on sending the requests (maybe you do it for testing purpose) using the same IP address then most likely there are chances that you will see the captcha code, and it's because multiple requests are being sent to shopify using the same IP address and then that IP may be sensed as a phishing attack and thus to prevent that it bounds you to use captcha for submission of more forms. 





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