Two domains for two websites with one email address

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I have a question for having multiple stores/domains.


I have a retail website/domain on Shopify and I have a domain for our company on GoDaddy.

As I was going to make a website for the company, I decided to make it with Shopify and to transfer.

The retail store is derived from our company, so I want to use same account for these two websites.

But, they have two different domains and they are gonna be different layouts and contents.

In this situation, do I have make a new account for our company website?

Or can I make our company website, using different domain with same account?

I read so many article for this problem, but I'm still confused.


Thank you!



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You can use multiple domains with Shopify Markets, so it could technically be possible. But it would be a big headache to manage it. If you want to give it a try, that's how I would do it: 1) Create a new market and assign your company domain to this market. 2) Modify the theme so that alls stores pages (product, collections, cart...) are block on the company page. Block all company pages on the shop domain. 3) Rewrite the header and footer file to show different versions depending on the current "market".


There might be some cases which I didn't consider, so please take this with a grain of salt. You would be better off getting a separate Shopify store for your company page or if you want to save money get some cheap hosting.

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