Unable to add multiple images for different color variant of the product

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Hi Team, 

I am facing an issue while adding multiple different images for a different color variant of the main product, However I can add multiple pictures for main product but I need to add different images for every single variant of the main product as well.

You can see that here when we choose the sky color only single image is shown and others are the images of main product. I can not justify any variant of a clothing item with just a single image of that.



You can also have look, at variant edit section we can only add/update single image for that variant.




Please let us know to correct this what we can do, are we missing on something or this feature is not available in the current shopify setup. I am actively looking for some help or assistance for this issue, any workaround or suggestions will be much appreciated.



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So what you actually want is not really possible. The only was would be to make a seperate product of each product and don't work with variant options. 


However, you can "bundle" the images by color and if you then select one color variant it will automatically jump to that image in the gallery.

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Thom Knepper - Athom.Agency
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