Unable to obtain final sale price after all discounts are applied

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We are trying to communicate via Flow workflow order information to an ERP but cannot obtain correct pricing information via the API Fields/Flow Variables.


The API lists: 


"The discounts that have been allocated onto the line item by discount applications."


"The total line price after discounts are applied, in shop and presentment currencies."


"The approximate split price of a line item unit, in shop and presentment currencies. This value doesn't include discounts applied to the entire order."


"The sum of all AppliedDiscounts on this line item, in shop and presentment currencies."


This example order based on a current workflow has a 15% off discount code applied with the following details:

quantity = 1

variant.compareAtPrice = 58.0

variant.price = 37.7

"discountApplication"=>{"allocationMethod"=>"ACROSS", "index"=>0, "targetSelection"=>"ALL", "targetType"=>"LINE_ITEM"}


The example order results in the following:

discountAllocations: {"allocatedAmount"=>{"amount"=>5.65, "currencyCode"=>"CAD"}, "allocatedAmountSet"=>{"presentmentMoney"=>{"amount"=>5.65, "currencyCode"=>"CAD"}, "shopMoney"=>{"amount"=>5.65, "currencyCode"=>"CAD"}}, "discountApplication"=>{"allocationMethod"=>"ACROSS", "index"=>0, "targetSelection"=>"ALL", "targetType"=>"LINE_ITEM"}}


discountedTotalSet = {"presentmentMoney"=>{"amount"=>37.7, "currencyCode"=>"CAD"}, "shopMoney"=>{"amount"=>37.7, "currencyCode"=>"CAD"}}


discountedUnitPriceSet = {"presentmentMoney"=>{"amount"=>37.7, "currencyCode"=>"CAD"}, "shopMoney"=>{"amount"=>37.7, "currencyCode"=>"CAD"}}


totalDiscountSet = {"presentmentMoney"=>{"amount"=>0.0}}


originalTotalSet = {"presentmentMoney"=>{"amount"=>37.7, "currencyCode"=>"CAD"}, "shopMoney"=>{"amount"=>37.7, "currencyCode"=>"CAD"}}


originalUnitPriceSet = {"presentmentMoney"=>{"amount"=>37.7}}


As Flow workflows do not allow user declared "assign" variables, we cannot just loop and sum the discount allocations.  How can we obtain the final sale price after all discounts are applied which in this scenario should be 32.05?


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Did you get an answer? This is a very interesting observation and deserves clarifications from Shopify.

Thank you