Unable to sort the order of products on vendor page

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I currently help manage a store that is using the Grid Shopify theme from Pixel Union. On this theme I am able to edit the order of products in collections so that they appear how I want on the collections page. Under each product thumbnail is the Vendor that specific product is a part of. For some reason when you click that vendor name, it takes you to a vendor page that is default sorted alphabetically and can't be edited or sorted in any other way. Ideally, we would like any vendor page with the same name as a collection page to be sorted the same exact way.


I reached out to Shopify support and they didn't seem to have any solutions for this issue. I was then put in touch with Pixel Union who mentioned " it will take much more customization of the theme's code than we are able to offer or advise on in support since this most likely requires touching multiple theme files" so they can't help me whatsoever. 


Has anyone experienced and issue like this before, or have any recommended solutions for this?


The website is virtualskincare.com for reference.

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