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I'm playing with Shopify at the moment for my font store. My question is can I have unrelated product variations, so the user can select multiple licenses and pay accordingly?

Let me break that down or try to explain

Desktop Font License — with dropdown 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc
Webfont Font License — with dropdown 10k, 20k,30k etc
App Font License — with dropdown 1 title, 2 titles etc
ePub Font License —with dropdown 1 title, 2 titles etc
Server Font License — with dropdown 1 server, 2 servers etc

I don't want them to relate to each other, I just want those 5 options on the product page, and allow the user to select each of them or 1 of them—basically just like myfonts https://www.myfonts.com/products/regular-airbolt-14634/licenses

Is this possible?

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Hi there! Sorry to be that response with no answer but wanted to ask if you ever figured this out? This is such a specific but simple question I cannot find the answer to anywhere. 

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No I didn’t figure it out