Unsubscribe URL with email pre-populates

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I have some custom code on the

/account/subscribe page

when the user returns to the page after confirming their subscription in the email, I want to add an unsubscribe link below my content on the custom page.

I am after what the HTML code for the link would need to be to insert the users email to the link.

when I view the source code it has ten users email and a token which obviously gets called from some parameter.

does anyone know what this might be on this page? Specifically when landing on the page following clicking the confirm subscription link which is sent via email?

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when the user clicks on the email confirmation the url has parameters for email address and a token. 

I assume this is used for generating the link but as the content is generated by { content_for_layout } I can’t see the code I would need to generate the URL.



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Hi! did you were able to add the unsubscribe url? I am having the same problem