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Some of our clients have multiple addresses on their account, and I'm looking to create a simple way for them to select which address to use on checkout from the cart page, rather than going back to account > addresses for every purchase.


My idea is to use a radio button group for the customer's addresses, but I'm not sure how to translate the selected address to the customer object and actually change the default address, or how to use the selected address for checkout.


Here is the code I've injected into the cart page so far:



{% if customer and customer.addresses_count > 1 %}
                <div class="address-select">
                  <h4>Select Address</h4>
                  <form class="address-select-form">
                    {% for address in customer.addresses %}
                      <div class="radio-select">
                        <label for="{{ address.name }}-{{ forloop.index }}">
                          {{ address.name }}
                          id="{{ address.name }}-{{ forloop.index }}"
                          value="{{ address }}"
                          {% if address == customer.default_address %}
                          {% endif %}
                    {% endfor %}
              {% endif %}


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Your html form isn't submitting to anything.

Just reference the customer address form tag in the theme , replicate it then pare it down to the minimum needed.

Also see the docs https://shopify.dev/docs/themes/architecture/templates/customers-addresses 


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