Updating Customer Metafield from Line Item Property - Shopify Flow Alternative

Updating Customer Metafield from Line Item Property - Shopify Flow Alternative

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I managed to make a Shopify Flow that updates a customer metafield when an line item property is set to True. 


It worked perfectly but then the client I'm working with is on the NPO Lite plan and can't use Shopify flow. I also can't get this to work on make.com because it apparently doesn't have the correct permissions to edit customer info?


Could anyone think of an alternative tool I could use for this that is free or close to?

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Hello @stoo311  👋 Discuss with the client and contact shopify support to see if flow access be added to the plan at a nominal cost without changing the plan.


Afaik make.com should be able to access customer data when given the proper permissions so the issue may be on that platforms end. 


Or the NPO lite plan has a limitation on api access i'm not aware of??



The usemechanic app can be scripted for such automations.


They also have a pay what feels good pricing policy beyond the standard subscription tiers.


No premades for this usecase, see example customer&metafield tasks:




If you have the budget and need such an automation scripted for you then contact me by email   contact info in forum signature.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.


Good Hunting.

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We have an automation app called mesa that you could use for this. I could build out a workflow template for this use case if you're interested.