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URGENT! LOSIGN SALES! All dropdown menus load in for the first 0.5 seconds then dissapear

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I am currently loosing sales because my websites menus in the header loads for like 1 second then just dissapears, they are not clickable if you put your cursor over them. I recently added a sticky cart app which might have screwed with the code, not sure though. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!!

Theme im using: Influence
Here is the website:

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I tried doing

.site-header-sticky .site-header {
top: 0 !important;

In theme.css
It didn't work

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Hi @Isak101 ,

This is Anthony from Beae Landing Page Builder, and I’m happy to assist you today.


While I acknowledge that this issue falls short of the desired outcome, I have an idea that I believe might be of help:

1. Go to Online Store -> Theme -> Edit code
2. Open your theme.liquid file
3. Paste below code before </body>:


div#main-navigation {
    visibility: visible !important;
.hidden {
    display: initial !important;



Best regards,


Beae - The NextGen Page Builder

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Yes it did work, but it did cause another issue.

Look at this product;
2 things are wrong. You can see it says "In stock - Selling fast" like 15x under eachother.

and the percentage sign is also really weird on the home page. As in the percentage sign next to the discounted products which you will find if you scroll down a bit. For example at the "Hellstar Collection"

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And, the pictures are also wrong as they are not supposed to be all on a row but instead you should be able to click at the smaller pictures on the left and you'll be able to see that picture bigger. Yet when you click it now nothing happens.

There is so much wrong with my website right now is there no way to roll it back like 5 hours?