URGENT - When adding to cart some products default to the smallest size

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Site: relishbrand.com

I am using the theme "Flow" from "WeTheme"

product: https://relishbrand.com/products/don-t-be-plain-chicago-style-south-side-baseball?variant=3809011731...


Sometimes when customers select a size in a dropdown menu and then add it to the cart, it defaults back to the smallest size available. 

Due to this I have to contact all orders with a small or Extra Small, and because so many orders default to this I have been contacting several people daily! And many of them are not responding. My customers are getting upset and also getting the incorrect size shipped to them and then I have to issue a return as well as pay more for shipping! 

I have contacted WeTheme and we have been emailing once a day for over a week with no resolution!

I really need this fixed. 



Derrick from Relish

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I tried to add some things to the cart and the correct variants did show.

Is it resolved?

If not and you can still replicate I'd suggest taking a look at the debug console in your browser and see what errors show when it fails. My assumption is that there's a JavaScript error firing that is preventing the selecting of the correct variant behind the scenes. Those buttons you see on the product page are not really what is picking the variant. There's a hidden selector that should be changing on each option picked but a JavaScript error could certainly stop that so it stays on the first option.

Post back with the errors or screenshot of them and it might help the forum members point you in the right direction.

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Did you get this resolved?  We have the same theme and a similar thing is happening!  Jen

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I had to hire a company to fix it plus I had to edit my product variant style to a drop down instead of the swatch like I wanted.