URL structure in pages category

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This is my first time asking a question, but after extensive research I haven't found anything that can help me. After finding out Shopify only has two main page categories (collections, pages) I wanted to see how url structure would go within the pages category. I have a class I want to publish onto my site and I'm not sure if creating a "subfolder" for the class is the proper way to go about it. If so then the url structure would look something like domain.com/pages/classname/class/lesson1



 This seems like a natural looking URL structure to me, but would it be any better then just having them all be separate pages since there actually is no subfolder?

Like domain.com/classname-lesson1



I hope I'm making my question clear. I want to know if a normal proper URL structure with a fake subholder would be better for SEO and crawling reasons.

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