URLs are displaying on my live website page titles, but not the actual page titles. How to fix this?

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I have started doing SEO on my Shopify store and entered all the custom page titles. But on the live store, all pages have their URLs on the page titles. I'm not able to fix this. 

And when you inspect the page, in the code <title>---</title> is correct but why it is not reflecting on the top bar?



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Hmm. The page you've linked does not have a <title> tag (only <title> tags inside <svg>).


I can also see this: 

<!-- "snippets/booster-seo.liquid" was not rendered, the associated app was uninstalled -->


I believe that during app installation your theme was modified to remove its own SEO code, that's why you have neither <title> nor <meta name="description"> tags.


You'd need to either restore theme own SEO coding or use a SEO app like the one you had before.


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