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Hi everyone. I have found it hard to get an answer on the following and thought the collective wealth of knowledge on this page could help.


We have a US supplement site. Selling only to US customers.


We also have the same brand in Australia which is launching soon, selling similar but different products from a different manufacturer.


My question is, when it comes to our shopify store, do we need to make a seperate AUS website, SKUS etc. Or is there an option to have the same website, but two different versions, if you are in the US you see a certain version or the site and if you’re in AUS you see another version?


I hope that makes sense, any help is greatly appreciated.

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If moving quickly and inventory is not shared a second store may be saner.

More true if there are regulatory concerns meaning each site should have a complete separation of concerns.

In this method every store gets their versions of data and content from a single source of truth with regional transformations. Like from a custom excel spreadsheets to csv import process, custom ETL app , or a warehouse management system, etc.

Keeping designs/themes in sync but with regional branding or theme based content per locale can be a process problem needing to be worked out.


Then while the dual store setup is running learn and setting up the shopify-markets feature to create localized content on a single store.


If you need shared inventory, single source in manage things like discounts or other admin behavior then start working with markets to find if it will be a fit.


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