Use bulk/volume/quantity discounts with discount codes?

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Hi everyone,

We (as undoubtedly many others have) run into a problem with bulk/volume/quantity discounts: if a customer tries to add a discount code when placing an order with bulk discounts, the Shopify system will not allow them to because the bulk discount is added using an auto-generated discount code - and the system allows only one code per order. The bulk discounts have significantly upped our average order value, so we do not want to remove them. We have had to have the customer place an order without entering a discount code, and then we manually refund them the discount amount.

I don't know if anyone came up with a good solution to this issue - if you did, please reply to this post and share your ingenuity! 🙂🙂

Here are a few possible solutions:


- Have Shopify integrate bulk discounts into their system

This is probably the best solution. BigCommerce has this feature; I've shopped online on stores that use BigCommerce, and the bulk discounts work seamlessly and also have support for discount codes.


- Have Shopify allow multiple discount codes to be added to an order

This could be an on/off setting.


- Have someone come up with a bulk discounts app that somehow goes around this issue

I know there are apps that add an "Enter Discount" box before checkout, and then combines both the code and the bulk discount into one auto-generated discount code - this is probably the easiest and not a terrible solution, but it still isn't perfect. (Here's one: We'll probably use something like that. Another possible solution that uses an app is to add the bulk discounts with discounted product variants - I don't know if something like this already exists; if you know of such an app, please reply below


As I said before, we will probably use an app like the one by HulkApps. I'm writing this post to (a) let Shopify know about this need, (b) just to throw it out there, and (c) to see if anyone has come up with a solution.


Please reply if you have the same issue, or if you have a solution to this. Thanks everyone!


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Hi everyone,

Update: We still have this issue, and there's still no solution. Today I contacted Shopify about this, and they said they'd pass along my ideas to the devs! Fingers crossed!

Please reply to this post if you have this issue too, so Shopify can see that there's demand for this feature. Thank you!

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Also having the same issue and it's very frustrating. 

Just like you, we have volume discounts we don't want to lose, but also want customers to be able to utilise other codes.


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The issue is now resolved by Shopify, and using the Quantity X app (a bulk discount app), you can apply a custom discount code together with a volume discount. 



Quantity X is a volume discount app with an upsell funnel. Try for free