Use case for metafield standard definition of EAN codes

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I see that there is a standard definition for EAN codes under metafields.

I have added the EAN metafield to Variants and I can fill them there.

For what use case did Shopify create it? On the .dev site it states for standardization in themes.

I can't access it on a product page as a dynamic variable unfortunately, or is that coming? Only with custom liquid and javascript I think.

It would be nice if you can select the EAN Variant metafield as a dynamic source without additional code everytime a customer selects a different product variant.


And does Google do anything with this metafield? Can it access it? Via the Google App or their webcrawler?




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I noticed that with the products/variants where I also filled the EAN metafield besides the Barcode field, that Google likes that more. I don't get a 'add GTIN' comment at those products in the Google App inside Shopify.

Let's hope it stays that way.


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Hi Etienne,


That's correct, a variant metafield definition can't be used as a dynamic data source. But you can display the variants metafields on the storefront with a combination of Liquid and JavaScript code. You can learn more this topic from a similar thread.

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