Variable number of tabs based on referring URL

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I am trying to create a page that will have a variable number of tabs depending on the query string of the referring URL.

I've been able to get the referring URL by inserting this script:

<script language="javascript">
var ref=document.referrer;

How can I make it so that IF ref contains "this-text" then load 2 tabs?

Or, for that matter, to keep tabs out of the equation: IF ref contains "this-text" then <p>This works!!</p>

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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use indexOf


Note: Liquid templates do not have user definable URL parameters so parameter parsing needs to be done on the frontend in javascript

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You want to create if/else and display 2 tabs with Liquid code?
This is not possible, you cannot create or declare a Liquid variable for JS.
Hope it helps!

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