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Variant ID changed

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We had to change the Skus on our store in bulk for some integration of 3rd party ordering, after successfully changing the skus there are some order of which variant id(s) have changed for some reason.


How and why did it happen? and is there any way to change back the new variant id to the previous one?



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In the main body of each product's description and on the product pages where I'm now working with the Motion Theme, I've used an H2 header twice. See the image below. The H2 tags are no longer utilized for ranking purposes; instead, they are used to organize the material in a way that makes it easier for search engines to interpret. Look at the significant space before the H2, which is more obvious on the second one. After the H2, it's still a problem, but I can deal with it. The main problem is padding before the H2. As there is no possibility for customization in normal edit mode, could someone maybe describe the best approach to change this in coding. I've included two screenshots, one from the Studio Theme Preview and one from the Motion Preview.