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Vodafone requires specific information and has raised these queries

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Our Client is migrating with One app like 3rd party app 

they want this info from Shopify 


1. Technical architecture (which we can help with diagrams etc)
2. IPs that are integrated with servers (to identify on records that it is you i.e. requesting/sending the message.)
3. Information on domain registration and server locations. (For the reason your. IPs are showing in Canada while businesses are in India therefore for clarity on records)
All this information are required for registration purpose so that we can then send promotional and/or transactional messages to the user base and/or do telecasting to them. Idea is to have on record who is generating and sending the message. This has been enforced by TRAI which mobile operators (Vodafone in this case) have to comply with.


Shopify Team Please help 

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