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Is it possible to setup a VPN tunnel between Shopify and our POS so we could potentially use NAT rules to route traffic appropriately?

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Interesting, can you elaborate on what type of traffic and the role of POS? Also, I presume that the POS is on-prem behind a firewall?

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I use a MikroTik hAP ac2 router as my home access point. I chose it because of the abundance of settings and the ability to implement scenarios that are not available to its competitors. One of these scenarios is to set up the automatic connection to some hosts via VPN vpnstart.com. So, I had a router set up; you bought access to a VPN and set up a reference to it. After setting up the connection to the VPN, that route will become available on the router, but the traffic will not be routed through that interface. If we want to make all traffic routed through the VPN, it is enough to make the interface VPN route the default route, previously removing the default.