Want DEFAULT view of products to be ACTIVE products

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We have a very unique use case for Shopify and we end up archiving a lot of products.  We archive them to maintain the historic data, while creating new copies of the same product for the new year/season.


I want the default view for products to be active.  It would be awesome if Shopify could make a toggle that would allow users to set the default view to whatever they prefer Active Products, All Products, Archived Products, etc so that I don't have to switch this every time I end up at products.  


Please development team - let me know if this is possible!


Responses that are not helpful:

"You can click on Active Products to get an Active Products only view."  I know that.  I would love to have the DEFAULT view be Active products without having to switch it every time.  It actually does take a lot of time.



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Hello @Blackbird 

I understand that this feature is important for your use case. However, any change to Shopify platform would affect millions of users. That is why I think this feature will not likely to be implemented in the near future.


For now, you can hire someone to develop a custom app for your store to address this automatically. It could help manging product state easier.

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Did you ever figure out a work around for this? having to filter each time you work is a pain. 

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No, still no solution for this. We haven't tried to have this developed because it is annoying but we can work around it. I'm not sure who is wanting to look at their archived products all the time, but it seems like it would just make sense to have active products be the default view...