Re: Want to sell our Amazon Products using Shopify as our web store

Want to sell our Amazon Products using Shopify as our web store

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Hello everyone,

First of all, we are a book publisher that use KDP as the way to publish, print and ship our books to our customers, that's why all our products are on Amazon. 

Also we have a Youtube channel where we want to show a market store so people interested can buy our books from there.


I now that there are many tools that can help us to import the Amazon Products to our store and then link all of them to our Youtube Channel, the thing is, specifically for our books, we don't want the orders and payments go through Shopify, but instead make the "Buy button" on each product link the customer to the Amazon product page where they can buy it from there.


How can we do that? We know its possible, since the youtube channel Ali Abdaal does it, you can see his book on any video description as a tag from Google Ads and when you enter to his shopify webstore, the "Buy button" sends you to the Amazon product page.

Thanks for your help.



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Hi @Aubiblio !


I see. You will need to install an application for this kind of feature on your Shopify app store. You might want to try BNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More and Buy Button channel.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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