WANTED - Two buttons: "Download product images" and "Download all product images from brand"

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There are two buttons I'd like to add to our B2B site, as I get constant requests for product images and would like to implement something easier and faster than right-clicking on images one by one and "saving as." 


1. Download product images: This button would appear on a product description page. On click, a customer can download all product images at once.


2. Download all product images (from brand): This button would reside on a brand landing page, and allow a customer to download all the product images within the brand in one click. Products would be sorted by individual folders (by SKU#) containing the images within each.


How could this be implemented? Is this functionality built-in to the Shopify app, or do I need to use a third-party app or add-on? 


Thanks so much for reading; your help would be greatly appreciated. 

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@spamurai70 wrote:

Is this functionality built-in to the Shopify app,

Shopify is a platform, apps are things that consume apis provided by the platform.

It is always unlikely for the platform or even apps to provide such niche requirements. 


2. Download all product images (from brand):

Before gathering all of a brands imagery into a singular download be sure you have distribution rights or are not triggering some distribution clause with your suppliers.


Your probably gonna have to build this, unlikely to be a off the shelf app that fits.

You either need to prepare the files in a zip/pdf in advance either in a product file metafield, or in the shopify admin files. For example if all the images are on your desktop computer powershell scripts could bundle up all the images then for uploading to shopify.

Or through a custom app, or service, generate the pdfs when first requested on the backend.

The latter is more likely if the product data is undergoing constant change and there is no central area before things like images are added/updated in shopify. 


For singular product pages if it's a PDF you may be able to utilize client-side PDF libraries that create them using javascript. Javascript can also create zip files. This can have negative performance impacts on the frontend user experience especially if generating large PDFs.

You'd generally use an alteranate template for the PDF design, or the section rendering api to get all product images at larger sizes with specific logic not found on the default product description page template. 


Multiple products have the issue of pagination past 50 products so you will need an app or ready to go file for customers to download.


For catalogs type collation there's also automation app like mechanic to generate PDFS or zips




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Hi @spamurai70, watch this YouTube tutorial for guidance on adding a "Download All Images" button to Shopify product pages: