Website is very slow in mobile, but on desktop is fine.

Website is very slow in mobile, but on desktop is fine.

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Does anyone know why there's the issue of website is very slow only on mobile. Desktop is absolutely fine.  Have tried to change few devices and change internet, but still the same. Urgently need help . Thanks

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Hi @Rachelle3 There are few things you can follow so that you can increase the speed of your site:


  1. Optimize the Images: You need to optimize all the images in our store, normally in every theme in shopify there is a option to upload images according to different size i.e. for mobile and computer.
  2. Remove Unused App: You need to remove all the unused app that you may have downloaded but not using right now, so you need to remove all these types of app.
  3. Remove Unused Code: You may have used custom code in your store but may not be using it right now, so you need to find all these type of code and remove it. Even if you may not be using custom code, but sometime few apps se to inject the code in our theme, but even after uninstalling the app, the code remains there so you need to remove that.
  4. Add Lazyload in image: You need to add the lazyload command in you images so that it will load whenever customer will see it.
  5. Remove Unused Templates: You should have made few templates earlier but may not be using it right now, so you need to remove it.
  6. Compress The Images: You need to compress all your images with uploading all the images in webp format, so that it will load faster.

There are some other steps as well that you can find when ever you check the Core web vitals, so you need to work on that as well.


If you will unable to implement the same then I'm happy to do this for you, let me know. I can implement the changes so that this will work well for you.


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Hi, first you can do your all image optimize then resubmit, and clean cache , hope this little tips help you. 

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