Website Not Loading Correctly (Intermittent)

Website Not Loading Correctly (Intermittent)

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I have an issue that just started happening with my website, and that is it won't fully load some of the time. Sometimes it loads fine and everything works, and other times there are console errors that prevent it from fully loading and then it doesn't function properly (menus don't work on mobile, can't select product variables, missing sections on the homepage, etc). And it is very intermittent; I can hit refresh 20 times in a row and have it load fine, then all of a sudden it'll stop loading correctly for 10-20 refreshes, then it'll go back to working again. It's very odd. 


Can someone please take a look at and let me know what I might need to do to fix this issue? I have already contacted Shopify support and they were unable to help, and recommended I ask the community for assistance. 


For reference, when the site loads correctly it should look like this: 

ScreenHunter_615 Dec. 21 10.36.jpg


And when it doesn't load correctly, it looks like this: 

ScreenHunter_617 Dec. 21 10.36.jpg

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