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Website reloads twice

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Hi everyone,


Looking for a bit of technical help on my store as when you first visit the site, it loads and then a few seconds later refreshes everything again. 


This issue has been happening for a few weeks now, but disabling apps has not fixed it so far. I'm wondering if any of the previously used apps have left some code in the theme files even after being installed. If anyone knows what's wrong here, I would really appreciate the help.


The site is:

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Hello RivalHockey!

Check source code, you will find there is a script which used a function window.location.reload() 

With this there is number of JS error in your there which you can check in browse console.
To fix first try to uninstall the app which throw reload script. Second fix all the JS conflicts which appears in browser console.



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Unfortunately there is no line of code matching that description that we can see....still unresolved

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Hi @rivalhockey Did you ever figure out what the reloading issue was? I have it as well.