Website Speed is HORRIBLE!

Website Speed is HORRIBLE!

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Hi all.

My website is running very poorly.  The website is super slow and I ran an audit via Lighthouse and GT Metrix.  I have zero experience with coding, minify JS and CSS, etc.  Can someone please help me!!!

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@fancyfrontporch  To speed your shopify store you can follow these common steps


> Fix render blocking resources -  CSS/JS files

> Resize images and convert to .webp format

> Provide responsive images

> Lazyload Offscreen images

>  Clean unused CSS/JS/Apps

> Preload Files CSS/JS/fonts as needed

> Minify Css/JS files


You can follow guides from google. If you need to hire someone you can contact with me.

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H! @fancyfrontporch !


There are a lot of potential reasons for slow store speed such as, installed applications, the large uploaded file to your admin, images sizes, and many more. I highly suggest that you check the Shopify Online Store Speed and Improving your performance help documents to give you further insights about this and detailed instructions on how to improve your online store speed. 

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The apps that boost page speed may contain cheating metrics.

Here is a post explaining this from Shopify experts:

To speed up the site use as few Shopify apps as possible, as they may affect the site's speed and performance.

Try also preloader apps to make waiting satisfying for your site visitors, for example, Elegant Preloader. These preloaders are beautiful and there are many features there, such as a progress bar, counting percentage, and background images

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Yes, we have to be more careful. Not only app but there are lots of freelancers and companies available who use black hat techniques to show high speed score. They do not optimize user experience and just show you high score. I wrote a post on this too.

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What's your url so we can look into it? Teaches Shopify and Solves Ecommerce Problems for Free. We Also Share Insight about E-commerce, Web, Tech, AI, Analytics, SEO, PPC, Marketing and More.

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Website speed measurement tools often use a slow 4G network, which can be somewhat slower than reality. Here are some tools that can help you address some issues:

- Minify CSS and JS: Copy the content of the .css and .js files from the edit theme section and use [this tool]( to minify them.
- Optimize images: You can use Avada's SEO app, which has a free SEO tool for image optimization.
- Set loading attributes: Add loading="lazy" for images below the viewport and loading="eager" for images within the viewport. This will help you load essential elements quickly while deferring images that are not immediately needed.
- App management:Many stores install too many apps without being selective. You can review your list of JavaScript files by pressing F12 => Network => JS => sort by time.

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Welcome to the Shopify Community!

I am San from MS Web Designer

I would love to help you with some expert feedback here.

- Kindly Provide your Store URL,
- Also, Mention Which Shopify theme you are using

- How many Apps are you using?

Note: If your store is protected with ‘store Font password,’ please Send it here.

If you have any concerns feel free to ask me!


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