Website won't work with wifi

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My website is and for some reason, my store won't load with wifi on. Ive tried accessing my store with wifi on both MacBook and iPhone and i keep getting an error similar to the attachment.ive attached an error message from both safari and chrome. I spoke with my internet service provider and they ran validation tests and confirmed that my internet speeds were good and my devices should be able to connect to my website. My website will work with LTE data on, but not wifi.

Also, i think its worth mentioning that my domain,, was recently transferred from google to shopify. My previous shopify url is

Thank you so much


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Hey, @CoconutBeach!

Lulu here from the Shopify Support team. Thank you for getting in touch and I'll be more than happy to help you out with your question.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing your store over wifi. It definitely is strange. I was able to visit your store on wifi here in Ireland so it looks like a localised issue.


Can you try clearing your cache and cookies and ensure you are using an up to date version of Google Chrome. Once you have done that, can you try logging in again for me and let me know how you get on?

I can see in your error messages that it mentions the domain so it could have been that your domain was in the process of swapping over platforms and it wasn't completed when you were searching it at the time but all should be working as expected now.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any other questions at all. Thank you!



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Im getting the same issue, works on my phone fine till I connect to the home wifi, got customers and suppliers that are having the same issue. 
After talking to some of them, they are age restrictions set with their internet provider (as do I at home) which seems to be causing the issue. Im not sure how to overcome this issue as I can't see why my URL would be classified as over 18's only. Ive got no age restrictions set on my site.

Maybe that could be causing the same issue as @CoconutBeach, can you advise Lulu on how to overcome this issue

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Hi JMSHonas. I'm having that exact issue you just described, with my own shop []. Were you able to find a solution to the issue? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Lulu , @JMSHondas , and @CoconutBeach , were any of you able to find a resolution to this issue? I'm having the exact same issue you described above.




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  I had this issue.  This is how you fix it.


  The reason your site works on mobile but sometimes not on wifi has to do with nameservers.


  These are the steps to solve this.


  1: Ask shopify to check if your domain is set correctly.  CNAMES, ect.  (use top domains if you can.  subdomains get trickier.)


  2: Once that is all set, go to where you bought your domain, and have them look at your problem.  (see if you can chat, call and email and have your site settings on a different tab or window to follow along)

    ///explaination of 2

    2.1  When setting your nameservers on some sites, you get to use the domain provider's nameservers or the ones you provide.

   2.1.1  Sometimes they get reset and take time to propagate (different internet service providers use different name servers.  When they can't find your site on their default name servers, you get a page not found or a similar error page.)

    2.1.2  You can manually cycle through this on your browser settings like I did, but the page will appear and disappear unpredictably.  It's a waste of time, don't do it.

   2.1.3  Name servers refresh at different intervals and when they do, sometimes your site cannot be found until the changes have been updated throughout the internet.  (service providers have name servers and the different update times leads to say mobile being up while sometimes wifi is down.  You won't notice until you try different access points like you did, or say, try accessing it on a public wifi ect)

//end of expaination of 2

3:Your domain provider (where you registered your website name) will ask you if it's ok to use their name servers.


   4: Say yes.   

  5:  You're done, your site should load everywhere now.  


  6: If something's still not right, repeat steps 1 and 3.

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