Werid formating with price and Math problem (Supple theme)

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Hello all, so i have a couple of problems with my showing of prices.

1. First of my price shows as 1,700 kr instead of 1 700. The part i dont understand is that if i just retype the same code just below it looks good (see the Blue square on image). However if i choose another variant with a other price only the Red square updates the price and the blue is still on 1700. So how to get it to show the price without the " , "  sign?

2. I would like to do some math on the price. But no math formula seems to be working on the red square. Lets say what to divide price by 12, {% include 'price' with variant.price | divided_by: 10 %} but nothing happens. How to add a math formula to the price?

The code(with out math) it looks like this:

<ul class="inline-list product-meta" data-price>
<span id="productPrice-{{ section.id }}" class="h1">
{% include 'price' with variant.price %}
{% include 'product-unit-price', variant: variant %}
{% if product.compare_at_price_max > product.price and section.settings.product_show_saved_amount %}
<span id="comparePrice-{{ section.id }}" class="sale-tag large">
{% assign compare_price = variant.compare_at_price %}
{% assign product_price = variant.price %}
{% include 'price-sale' %}
{% endif %}
{% if section.settings.product_reviews_enable %}
<li class="product-meta--review">
<span class="shopify-product-reviews-badge" data-id="{{ product.id }}"></span>
{% endif %}









Thanks a lot 

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This situation is really bad!