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What's the best way to redirect HTTP to HTTPS on my ecommerce site?

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SEMRush is reporting a error for my store "No redirect or canonical to HTTPS homepage from HTTP version".

They offer 2 possible solutions:

How to fix it Do either of the following: - Redirect your HTTP page to the HTTPS version via a 301 redirect - Mark up your HTTPS version as the preferred one by adding a rel="canonical" to your HTTP pages

I tried using "URL Redirect" from admin, but this seems only offer page level redirection rather than protocol.

Which is the best option for Shopify websites and what is the best way to implement the change?

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Hi there BossRabbit,


Did you come right with this at all?

I am dealing with the same issue and trying to find out how to correct this.


SEO partners have advsied we hould change the 307 redirect to a 301 redirect.



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Hello, @BossRabbit 

Were you able to get any resolution from this? Im getting the same issue. 


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Anyone have a solution for this?