When I am trying to connect shopify and facebook, this happen

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Does someone know this issue?


Facebook problem again.


When I connect my facebook page using the admin account, below shows:

his account can’t be selected because you’re not an admin. Please select a different account or ask the admin to give you access. You can view a list of account admins in the People section of Business Settings


Hope someone can help

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Hello Jeffko, to resolve the issues of you connecting your Facebook page to your Shopify account. You should try this :


1.Double-check your admin status on the Facebook page to make sure that you are indeed listed as an admin.  You can do this by going to the "People" section of your Business Settings, as mentioned in the message.

2. If you are not the only admin of the page, reach out to other admins to ensure there haven't been any changes or access restrictions on their end. And If you are using Business Manager to manage the page, make sure that your Business Manager settings are correctly configured. Sometimes issues can arise from settings within Business Manager.

3.Check for any notifications or restrictions on your personal Facebook account, as they could affect your ability to access or manage pages.

If the problem persists and you believe you should have admin access, it's a good idea to contact Facebook's support or help center.