When using image slideshow on mobile, 1st image works, any following don't display in correct size

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Hi all,


*This issue is only present on mobile*


I'm using a 3rd party theme. For the most part everything has worked perfectly. I do have an issue with the slideshow feature. The first image in the slideshow appears correctly and then any following images get cropped and have a white bar on the bottom. I've tried some other fixes for similar issues I found online with no luck. 


Screenshot 2023-10-25 134243.pngScreenshot 2023-10-25 134254.png



Thank you in advance, this one has been a headache!

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Update: Whichever Slide I put more text into seems to take the correct size and the other becomes smaller. So as far as I can tell this has something to do with the text I'm using in each slide.


If I make the text the exact same in each slide the pictures are sized correctly. 

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Hi @PreludeLodge,


I would suggest contacting the theme provider, it seems like it is an issue with the code. You can also try to hire someone to fix the issue for you 

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Thank you for the tip. I reached out to them. In the meantime, I switched to a different slide show option provided in the theme which I don't like as much but solves my problem.