Where do i see the source code of a particular page?

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I'm trying to find the source code for one of my shopify pages im investigating. How do i do that? Thanks!

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You can view the source code for any web page from most browsers by right-clicking and looking for something like "View page source". If you're looking for the code that built a certain page, Shopify pages are built using a combination of theme files. Go to Online Store > Themes > your theme > Actions > Edit code. Here's an article that explains a basic theme structure: https://shopify.dev/tutorials/develop-theme-files#theme-structure Though each theme is somewhat unique in that the sections and snippets can be called different things in different themes.

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I'm just looking for the one i encircled. Which folder do i go to? 

Here's the shopify link https://loversentiment.com/products/lovebox™

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It depends on how your theme is set up, but you can work backwards a bit. Start by looking in the 'product.liquid' template in the Templates folder. In that you might see a {% section %} called something like 'product-template.liquid ({% section 'product-template %}). Find that in the Sections folder and open it to see if the code you're looking for is in there. It's possible the section includes a snippet ({% include 'what-am-i-called' %}) that actually contains the code you're looking for. So that would be in the Snippets folder.

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Hi Gina. Do you mind if I seek further information on this? 
If I want to edit/remove the schema of one of my product pages, where do I find it? I can view my product page schema (ctrl + U), but I am unable to locate it in my Shopify files.

I'm using Dawn theme v 11.0.0. My shopify (2.0) doesn't have "product.liquid" or "product-template.liquid" files. Instead, I have "main-product.liquid" and "product.json" files.

Could you guide me a little? Thanks much! 🙂

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I had same question but finally I found

Find the below code which mostly in "theme.liquid" then delete it if you won't 

<!-- Begin Shopify-Clearpay JavaScript Snippet (v1.0.10) -->
{% if cart.currency.iso_code == shop.currency %}
<script type="text/javascript">
// Overrides:
// var clearpay_min = 0.04;            // As per your Clearpay contract.
// var clearpay_max = 1000.00;          // As per your Clearpay contract.
// var clearpay_logo_theme = 'colour'; // Can be 'colour', 'black' or 'white'.
// var clearpay_product_selector = '#product-price-selector';
// var clearpay_cart_integration_enabled = true;
// var clearpay_cart_static_selector = '#cart-subtotal-selector';

// Non-editable fields:
var clearpay_shop_currency = {{ shop.currency | json }};
var clearpay_cart_currency = {{ cart.currency.iso_code | json }};
var clearpay_shop_money_format = {{ shop.money_format | json }};
var clearpay_shop_permanent_domain = {{ shop.permanent_domain | json }};
var clearpay_theme_name = {{ theme.name | json }};
var clearpay_product = {{ product | json }};
var clearpay_current_variant = {{ product.selected_or_first_available_variant | json }};
var clearpay_cart_total_price = {{ cart.total_price | json }};
var clearpay_js_snippet_version = '1.0.10';
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://static.afterpay.com/shopify-clearpay-javascript.js"></script>
{% else %}
<!-- Clearpay disabled: {{ cart.currency.iso_code }} != {{ shop.currency }} -->
{% endif %}
<!-- End Shopify-Clearpay JavaScript Snippet (v1.0.10) -->

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