Where is the cookie "_boomr_clss" belonging to?

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Hi at all,

I'm trying to figure out to what the cookie "_boomr_clss" is related in my shop?

I found the cookie while doing a cookie-crawler check, but cannot identify where it comes from, what it does and so on.

PS: I'm using the "venue" theme.


Kind regards




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Did you found an answer ? i have the same question ?!

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Hello ObiJanKenobi,


Did you manage by chance to identify the cookie? Would be much appreciated, if can share how to resolve the topic.


Kind regards,



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I know the post is older, however, ranks #1, so here is a brief outline of the purpose:

Cookie name: _boomr_clss

Purpose: The _boomr_clss cookie is used to monitor and optimize the performance of Shopify websites. In doing so, it measures various aspects of page usage such as load times, errors, user interactions, and page navigation to get a comprehensive picture of user experience and website efficiency. The information gathered is used to make improvements to the site, ensuring a faster and smoother shopping experience for visitors.

How it works: The _boomr_clss cookie is set when a visitor enters a Shopify website. It stores temporary information about the user's session, including pages visited, time spent, and interactions on the site. This information is sent to the Boomerang server, where it is analyzed. A report is then generated that helps website operators identify areas where improvements can be made.

Cookie Lifetime: The _boomr_clss cookie is a session-based cookie, which means that it is automatically deleted after the browser is closed or after a certain period of inactivity.

Privacy: Shopify and Boomerang take user privacy very seriously. The information collected by the _boomr_clss cookie is anonymized and cannot be used to identify individual users. In addition, the data is kept secure and confidential and is only used to improve website performance.