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Where to insert a code to make a small image appear at the bottom of every product description

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Where do I instert a string of code (see below) to make the little eco aliance visaual appear in small at the bottom of each product description (in product pages) please?  Thank you in advance for any suggestions. MM

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" rel="noopener">
  <img alt="Eco Alliance Badge" src="" height="300" width="300" />
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This depends on the Theme in place, and the code that theme has. It's hard to guide you here without some context on what you have.

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Hi Jason, 

Thank you for your message. I use the Debut theme. I know how to access the code and I know what code line I need to insert but I don't know where in the code to insert it to make sure it appears in the right place - in this case in the product description, left aligned. Thank you