Why am I getting a 'connection not private' error on my new GoDaddy domain?

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Hello, I connected my GoDaddy domain to Shopify last Thursday but when I type the URL of our new website (justaddvegan.com.au) in my browser I get a "Your connection isn't private" page.


I tried to solve it myself with the troubleshooting information on the Shopify website but with no result.


In the GoDaddy DNS manager I verfied that the A record is "" and the CNAME record is "shops.myshopify.com."


However, I noticed that there is a second CNAME rcord: "_domainconnect" (Name) "_domainconnect.gd.domaincontrol.com." (Data).


DNSSEC is not enabled for my domain.

I'm not aware of CAA records being used, but could't verify this because I don't know where to look for them.


We're very keen to start sharing our new website via social media. I hope you can help us to solve this issue ASAP. Thank you very much in advance.










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Just delete the 2nd CNAME, and change the TTL for the shopify CNAME to 1 min. You should see the changes reflected in about 1 min then. 

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Hi, thank you for your help. Unfortunately it didn't solve the problem but I was able to solve it with the help of the Shopify Helpdesk. It appeared that I hadn't connected the main/root domain, only the sub domain. Thank you again for your help.