Why are my product photos not visible on my store's product page?

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Hi guys, i have a  problem, im doing my store with fances and my problem is, i started to creating a product pages, but my pictures are not showing on the product page, i have instade of my photos white background but if i move my mouse on the place where the photos used to be, i can see they are here but i cant see them , pls i will be so happy if some will help me , i trying to fix this for few day.... 


link for my web: https://404430-2.myshopify.com/collections/all


for more info contact me pls.

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That's an issue with your theme. You'd need to reach out to your theme's developers for help resolving that (https://debutify.com/contact/). 


That's the risk of using a theme that's not from the Shopify theme store though ... often those themes from other places are full of bugs and issues, as there's no quality check in place like the Shopify theme store has. 

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