Why are noindex pages increasing in my online store?

Why are noindex pages increasing in my online store?

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Hello @All 
I am not sure why no index pages are increasing my store please help me and  provide some solution



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Same as before you can click see more button and get to know what the cause of this problem

I have seen a few different SEO issues related to your store, I suggest you seek a professional developer or SEO person to address these issues. he will be able to fix all your SEO problems.

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I am San from MS Web Designer.

Here are the Solutions!
To fix the "excluded by noindex tag" error in Google Search Console:

  1. Identify pages with the noindex meta tag.
  2. Remove the noindex tag from pages you want indexed.
  3. Ensure the noindex tag is correctly placed.
  4. Submit the updated pages for reindexing in Google Search Console.
  5. Monitor Search Console for error resolution,


If you have any concerns feel free to ask.




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