Why are random sale ads showing on my online store?

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Help! I suddenly have random sale ads popping up on my Shopify store. I am not sure how to fix this or why the sudden change. I have read it is sometimes linked to add on apps which I do use use such as Fast Bundle, Boxify, etc.; however, none of these have been recently added to make me think the ads are related to the add on apps. 

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Hi @Whitster1 did you get your issue solved? Was the reason app or something else?

I had just similiar incident with my site. New customers would see random ads when they entered to my product pages. I was able to repeat the issue by opening my pages in mobile phone's Chrome incognito mode. 


I think I managed to find what caused the issue with me.
I had used random website tool to embed instagram posts to my product pages, after I deleted the embed code, ads seem to havedisappeared.